Phone throughout the day for an appointment or book online.

You do need to Register at the Practice Reception for Patient Access to book GP appointments online.

We operate a 10 minute GP appointment system, a mixture of book ahead up to 3 weeks, or book on the day.  Appointments are scheduled to cope with demand. We aim to release appointments every day.   We offer morning and afternoon appointments Monday to Friday and we also have a Thursday evening surgery.

We have a Duty Doctor to triage people that feel they need urgent care when there are no appointments left.  If you need urgent care and there are no appointments left, TELL THE RECEPTIONIST.  You will be telephoned by a Doctor. The Doctor triages people that need urgent care and arranges an appointment as appropriate.

Please wait until our doors open at 8.30am before coming down to the surgery, we ask that you don't queue, this is for your health and safety.  We don't open the doors before 8.30am, even in adverse weather

Please note: one patient per appointment. Do try to see the same doctor consistently. See our leftlet in the link below to get the most out of your consultation.

Getting the most from your consultation1.docx

Doctors' surgeries run at various times but mainly Mon-Thurs 8.30am-10.30am and 2.20pm-5.40pm.  We also offer our extended hours surgery on a Thursday evening 6.00pm-8.30pm.  Between 5pm & 6pm some of the GPs will do Medical Examinations e.g. DVLA, HGV and Foster Care.  Home Visits tend to be done between surgeries but may be done at anytime during the day.  The are 58 sessions of GP time available (a session is a morning or an afternoon).  The sessions are different every day.  No 2 days are the same it depends on GP availability and workload.  We have an all GP Partners meeting on a Thursday morning 8.30am-9.40am.  We always have a doctor on call, a duty doctor to deal with emergencies and urgent medical information enquiries.  We look after 3 care homes and do a "ward round" in care homes.

Ask at Reception about the availability of the doctor you usually see as they work part time and can be on the rota for care home, home visits or duty doctor and are not always doing a face to face surgery.

The switchboard can get extremely busy between 8.30am and 9.30am. We would therefore encourage those patients booking routine review appointments to telephone after 10.00am.

If you have booked an appointment please keep it or cancel it! On avereage 18 people a week fail to attend their GP appointment, even book on the day appointments.  That means we lose more than a surgery session every week because of patients who have failed to attend. YOU CAN CANCEL AN APPOINTMENT WHEN THE SURGERY IS CLOSED ON 01383 518 500.

We can remove patients from our list who persistently fail to attend for their booked appointments.

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